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CSR's eXtension Partner Programme is enhanced by Alango's VCP voice call quality for BlueCore5-Multimedia

Cambridge, UK – February 1, 2007 – CSR (LSE: CSR.L) today further expanded its portfolio of software enhancements for the BlueCore5-Multimedia platform with the addition of Alango’s Voice Communication Package (VCP) to the company’s eXtension Partner Programme. BlueCore5-Multimedia customers now have even more choice when designing Bluetooth headsets, in car handsfree kits and mobile handsets incorporating industry-leading wireless technology for crystal clear voice communication, even in noisy environments.

BlueCore5-Multimedia is CSR’s most powerful multimedia silicon yet, and offers superior sound quality for headset applications with a best in class signal to noise ratio of -95dB and industry-leading RF design and power consumption. The single-chip device integrates a powerful Kalimba DSP coprocessor operating at 64 MIPS. This silicon design is at the heart of CSR’s ability to support third party software to further enhance audio quality for both voice and music applications.

“Our BlueCore-Multimedia technology is the only silicon on the market which can support such third party enhancements which add value to, and boost the performance of our customers’ designs,” commented Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Wireless Audio Strategic Business Unit. “The market for high-performance wireless headsets and handsfree kits remains relatively under-exploited. By further improving audio quality for these applications and thus increasing consumer satisfaction, we expect to support industry growth in the coming years.”

The Alango VCP improves speech intelligibility in dynamic, noisy environments using either a single or dual microphone input. BlueCore5-Multimedia customers using the Alango VCP extension will be able to create end products, which can suppress dynamic or transient noise such as passing cars, remove echo in reverberant environments and automatically adjust speaker volume and equalisation depending on the level and spectrum of ambient noise.

Alexander Goldin, CEO, Alango, explained, “Bluetooth has truly captured the worldwide public’s imagination and there is a fierce competition on the market of Bluetooth devices. Consumers are demanding a better user experience from their wireless devices and audio quality is something which can set a product apart from the competition. CSR is the recognised industry leader in this space and we are very enthusiastic to cooperate with CSR to provide our customers with the best quality, ready to use software solutions and hardware reference designs for their products. Now consumers can enjoy high-quality voice calls over Bluetooth no matter where they are.”

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About CSR

CSR is the leading global provider of personal wireless technology and its product portfolio covers Bluetooth, FM receivers and WiFi (IEEE802.11). CSR offers developed hardware/software solutions, based around its silicon platforms, that incorporate, fully integrated radio, baseband and microcontroller elements.

CSR’s customers include industry leaders such as Apple, Dell, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TomTom and Toshiba.

CSR has its headquarters and offices in Cambridge, UK, and offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, France, Denmark, Sweden and both Dallas and Detroit in the USA.

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About Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies offers the richest portfolio of state of the art, front-end digital speech enhancement technologies for mobile voice communications. Alango licenses integrated software solutions for a variety of computational platforms with lowest MIPS and memory requirements but without compromising the output sound quality. Alango also provides complete, “ready to manufacture” reference product designs for hands-free car kits, office speakerphones and other voice communication products.

Alango Technologies direct customers and partners include such companies as Analog Devices, TTPCom, Sasken Communications, Datang Mobile, Airbus and others.

Alango Technologies has it headquarters in Israel and R&D offices in Haifa (Israel) and St.Petersburg (Russia).


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