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Alango's Voice Communication Package now available in CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia

March 31, 2008. Alango Technologies Ltd. today released a new, advanced version of its Voice Communication Package of voice processing and enhancement technologies implemented on the powerful Kalimba DSP integrated in CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon. The new VCP DSP library is fully compatible with the latest CSR mono and stereo headset software development kits (SDKs). Alango's audio streams and messaging interfaces correspond to those of the standard CSR Clear Voice Capture (CVC) DSP library allowing simple, almost instantaneous switching between the technologies. This move will help to minimise time-to-market for OEMs.

The latest VCP library includes the following technologies:

  • Microphone acoustic echo cancellation with sub-band residual echo suppression and comfort noise generation
  • Microphone stationary and transient noise suppression
  • Microphone and speaker automatic gain control and dynamic range compression

VCP is designed for hands-free kits and speakerphone applications. Both installable and portable types of hands-free kits are supported. The VCP technologies are capable of operating in noisy environments, with short distance between the speaker and the microphone, and where there is a high level of loudspeaker distortion. Headset applications are also supported.

After the VCP package has been integrated into a product, a product sample may be sent to Alango for acoustic tuning support. The optimal parameters chosen by Alango experts will be sent to the customer for using in the final product.

Dr. Alexander Goldin, Alango Technologies CEO commented, "We consider the release of the new package as a major event. The new VCP DSP library incorporates lots of experience that we acquired while helping to incorporate and tune our technologies in customers products. We hope our customers will be pleased with these improvements as well as almost effortless integration of the new package into final products. Alango Technologies is committed to constant improvement of its technology products. We're happy to help our customers to make their products sound better."

Gemma Paris, Software Marketing Manager, CSR added, "The release of this new version of Alango VCP DSP library is another example of successful cooperation between CSR and Alango, one of our eXtension partners. The extension partner program provides CSR's customers with the opportunity to choose the advanced DSP technologies most suitable for their product with relatively little design effort."


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