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Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. and Alango Ltd. announce integration of Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies into Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA reference designs

Shanghai - January 10, 2006 - Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. Ltd (Datang Mobile), leading developer of TD-SCDMA standard and other advanced wireless technologies, and Alango Ltd. (Alango) today announced that they signed an agreement for integration of Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies Package into Datang Mobile reference design(s).

Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies Package (MSTP) was developed to improve the quality of voice communication of 3G mobile terminals and improve the clarity of conference and hands-free calls made from dynamic, noisy environments.

"Enhanced voice quality provided by 3G mobile phones is fundamental for customer satisfaction and fast transition to the new generation," said Tom Liu, Vice President of Shanghai Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., "Alango excellent voice enhancement technologies include echo and noise cancellation, automatic gain control and dynamic range compressor, all seamlessly integrated into one package minimizing computational and memory requirements. Integrating these technologies into our reference design will enable our users to reach new voice quality levels thus improving end users experience in even the noisiest environments".

"The third generation of Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies package was designed from the ground up for using in mobile voice terminals with very high quality requirements but strict limitations for available computational and memory resources that are directly translated into power consumption and cost," said Alexander Goldin, the Chief Executive Officer of Alango. "TD-SCDMA standard developed and promoted by Datang Mobile potentially enables superior voice quality and we are excited with this opportunity to help Datang Mobile customers to achieve this goal in their mobile handsets".

Alango Mobile Speakerphone Technologies Package enables users to make clear and full-duplex conference, videoconference and hands-free calls without interference from stationary background noise. Datang Mobile will initially provide this functionality on Analog Devices SoftFone® LCR chipset including the digital baseband processor featuring the Blackfin® Processor core. Porting and integration of Alango voice enhancement technologies into Datang Mobile reference designs based on other chipsets will additionally increase Datang Mobile market strength and share.

About Datang Mobile

Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd, ( registered and established in Beijing on February 8, 2002, is one of the core members of Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group. The company headquarters in Beijing, with one subsidiary in Shanghai and one branch in Xi'an. Taking its excellent innovation and long-term accumulation, Datang Mobile is dedicated to the research and development of TD-SCDMA, a homegrown international 3G standard. With the operation principle of 'joint development, virtual manufacture and entrusted operation', and on the basis of it's self-own core intellectual property right and the whole series products including infrastructure and terminal, Datang Mobile is committed to providing the total solution for the customers in the area of public and private communication networks.

About Alango

Alango Ltd. ( registered and established in Israel in 1998, is a leading provider of front-end voice processing technologies for mobile voice communications. Alango is committed to developing the full portfolio of sound enhancing technologies and reference designs integrating its technologies for different applications. Alango has its headquarters in Israel with R&D centers in Haifa (Israel) and St. Petersburg (Russia).

Datang Mobile contact information

Ms Chen Jian Yi ()

Alango contact information

Inna Drukerman, Alango communication manager (), Jackie C.P. Lee, Alango representative in China ()


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