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Helping solutions for hard of hearing

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Solutions for hard of hearing

What differs life of people with poor eyesight from people with poor hearing?

First of all, people with poor eyesight do not consider themselves handicapped. Today poor eyesight is a small inconvenience that is simple to correct. To find, fit and buy glasses in modern society is easy. There are plenty of optical stores where your vision is tested, lenses and frames are chosen and glasses are quickly made. Prices according to your wallet, design according to your taste...

The experience of hard of hearing people is completely different. Poor hearing is still considered a disability which a person feels both physically and emotionally. Hearing aids look as medical devices that some, especially young people are embarrassed to wear. Hearing aids are VERY expensive. Fitting hearing aids is a complicated and lengthy procedure requiring visiting audiologist several times without guarantee of end result - all this "encourages" people to hide their problems from others and, most important, from themselves.

Can we try to correct it? Can we try to return hard of hearing people the feeling of self-confidence, the feeling of being healthy, the feeling of being unlimited in their personal, social and business life? Can we reuse the previous human experience with glasses that once were also treated as an attribute of elderly people and now has almost become a fashion item?

We believe that future belongs to hearing enhancing devices that are as easy to choose, personalize and buy as ordinary glasses. These devices shall provide a solution to millions of hard of hearing people around the world.

What we offer?

1. HearPhones. Reference design.

Watch the concept introductory video here

HearPhones - revolutionary consumer electronics device representing a unique combination of Personal Hearing Enhancer, Assistive Listening Device and advanced Bluetooth Headset. Alango licenses a complete, customizable software suite allowing HearPhones implementation in a variety of form factors that may look as stylish, business or sport types. Pictures below are not real products, but just some ideas illustrating how it may look like

HearPhones software integrates most sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms implementing true binaural signal processing with highest frequency resolution on the market between existing hearing enhancement devices and hearing aids. Its assistive listening capabilities allow hard of hearing person watching TV without annoying others with high sound volume, participating in casual or business meeting without the feeling of being handicapped, attending learning classes without missing a big part of teacher´s speech and enjoying outdoor activities verbally communicating with friends and family members. And, of course, it works as an advanced Bluetooth headset allowing its user to enjoy a phone conversation and listen for music with personally customized sound enhancement corresponding to its specific hearing loss.

More information >>

2. SALT. Consumer electronics device

SALT - Smart Assistive Listening Transceiver is a low cost Assistive Listening Device that can also provide Personal Hearing Enhancement solution to users who do not permanently need hearing aids or want to enhance performance of their hearing aids in difficult situations. SALT uses standard electromagnetic induction to communicate with telecoil equipped hearing aids, similar to common Bluetooth neckloop solutions. However, SALT is designed as a small, lightweight, durable electronics device with multiple additional capabilities that can be worn in different ways.

As an assistive listening device, SALT user receives sound directly from another SALT device by means of low- latency Bluetooth link. The other, assistant SALT can be used as a remote microphone, TV or other sound transmitter. But SALT is actually much more than that. Additionally, it incorporates a powerful loudspeaker, motion sensor, vibration motor, telecoil and, of course, the latest Bluetooth connectivity. All this together with its own, customizable, powerful digital sound processing makes it a unique device that can improve lives of hard of hearing people in various situations. People with normal hearing will also find SALT very useful as it also works as an advanced Bluetooth stereo headset with integrated speakerphone and additional functionality not available in existing Bluetooth communication devices.

More information >>


Don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to be our customer or distributor or just have any comments. We are looking forward hearing from you!

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