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Advanced Microphone Mixer

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Multipurpose DSP-based audio signals mixing module with 4 input analog channels and 2 output analog channel. The module integrates Alango proprietary, patent pending digital speech and audio signal processing technologies:

  • Noise reduction on each input channel
  • Automatic gain control on each input channel
  • Intelligent mixing of processed channels

The module can be used as a real time speech enhancer and microphone mixer providing clear voice capture in presence of stationary and transient noises. The module typical applications are:

  • Voice conferencing
  • Meetings recording
  • Security and surveillance
  • Broadcasting studios
  • Court room recordings
  • General voice recording

Key features of the module:

  • 4 independent input channels with microphone bias and variable analog input gain (0 54 dB)
  • Two output channels with variable analog output gain (one with optional 6.5W power amplifier)
  • Signal processing on each input channel:
    • Stationary and Transient Noise Suppression (up to -18dB)
    • Intelligent Speech Mixing with Automatic Gain Control (up to 24 dB)
    • Static and Dynamic equalization
    • Dynamic Range Compression
  • High protection against RF interference (e.g. GSM cellular phones)
  • Frequency range:
    • Standard version 100-4000Hz
    • Wideband version 50-8000Hz
    • Ultra-wideband version 20-16000Hz

Block diagram and photo of the module:


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