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Alango solutions for automotive applications

Alango provides digital signal processing technologies for voice and audio enhancement for in-vehicle applications.


Today Alango is one of the top voice enhancement solution vendors for Bluetooth hands-free communication. There are virtually millions of cars with our technologies all over the world and this number is growing daily. Some of the models can be seen here and some new will be added shortly.

Alango established a close cooperation and partnership with major semiconductor manufacturers to provide their customers with most comprehensive, one stop solution for noise free and truly hands-free, high quality voice communication. Our partners are working now to be able offering production quality software reference designs integrating Alango Voice Communication Package with Bluetooth protocol stack and other necessary components.

Alango offers state of the art, low footprint technologies that are “must have” in any in-vehicle voice communication system.  Our echo cancellation and noise reduction provides outstanding performance while requiring relatively modest computational resources. We also offer more advanced technologies, some of them really unique.

Alango adaptive dual microphone front-end voice enhancement combined with noise suppression has been shown significantly improving automatic speech recognition results in noisy driving conditions while not spoiling it in a quiet. A summary of experimental results with Google Speech API can be found in this document.

Our unique automatic, noise dependent loudspeaker volume and frequency equalization gives unprecedented listening comfort in varying driving conditions.
And our EasyListen™ technology improves speech intelligibility in noisy, distracting conditions by slowing down the incoming speech.

All integrated into one, Voice Communication Package.



Recently, Alango introduced its own version of audio enhancement technology called Music Refiner or MuRefiner™. MuRefiner differs significantly from its competitors. With fixed parameters, most if not all competitive technologies improve some music, while spoiling others. MuRefiner performs real time content analysis changing the processing parameters on the fly according to user preferences. In can only improve…


Automotive product roadmap

Voice Recognition Enhancement Package (VREP). While it has been shown that with corresponding tuning Alango voice communication technologies improve in-car speech recognition, the technologies were not designed for that task. Next year we’ll introduce a new set of speech enhancement technologies specifically targeting voice recognition thus making the ASR improvement even better.

Automatic, noise dependent loudspeaker volume and frequency equalization for music and entertainment. Yes, we have it for voice as a part of our Voice Communication Package. Next year we’ll do it for music as well. Users will be able to enjoy music in varying driving conditions.

Loudspeaker amplitude and phase correction will be a part of Voice Communication Package and Music Refiner technologies.

In-car intercom package will allow easy, normal voice communication between front and rear seats passengers.

If something from the roadmap sounds interesting, let us know in advance. We may change our priorities for you …


Please, contact us for more technical information, pricing and other questions.



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