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Alango Technologies has developed the most extensive portfolio of front-end speech processing technologies on the market. These technologies are the result of many man-years of practical experience in the field. They were designed for mobile applications where resources are the main concern. However, the quality is not compromised either, so that products with integrated Alango technologies may boast the best sound quality, excellent battery life and small form factors.

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Alango Technologies

ADM - Adaptive Dual Microphone - creates directional or noise canceling microphone using only two omni-directional microphones

AEC - Acoustic Echo Cancelling - cancels acoustic and line echo in a variety of devices from headsets to speakerphones

AFR - Acoustic Feedback Reduction - prevents acoustic coupling in sound reinforcement systems

AVQ - Automatic Volume & eQualization Control - amplifies and equalizes sounds according to ambient noise characteristics providing equal perceptual loudness, intelligibility and sound coloration in conditions where noise level and spectrum are changing dynamically

AVQ-Me - AVQ for Music and Entertainment - similar to AVQ, amplifies and equalizes musical content according to ambient noise

AWNR - Adaptive Wind Noise Reduction - “software only” solution to wind noise problem.

DRC - Dynamic Range Compression - reduces the dynamic range of a signal by lowering (compressing) amplitudes of strong speech segments while preserving amplitudes of weaker segments.

EasyListen™ - dynamically slows down speech making it natural and understandable.

ISM - Intelligent Speech Mixer - mixes speech signals of different levels from microphones distributed in a room with automatic gain control, noise reduction and intelligibility enhancement of the result.

NS - Noise Suppression - reduces stationary and transient noises in single-channel speech signals increasing the signal-to-noise ratio, improving speech intelligibility and reducing listening fatigue.

Mono to Stereo conversion - mono to stereo convertor for speech and music.

MuRefiner - set of integrated DSP technologies for music and entertainment applications enhancing user audio experience.

PLC - Packet Loss Concealment - masks the effects of lost or discarded signal packets.

Test Lab

Cellular Phones Call Quality Comparison

Our comparison of modern phones noise cancelling capabilities:














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